Lamb ~ Sous Vide Guide


As we already know, sous vide is a technique that allows one to evenly cook food to a specific temperature. Lamb cuts that do not contain a lot of collagen are generally cooked for a short period of time, while tougher cuts of lamb can be cooked for longer periods.

Tough Cuts Of Lamb

Blade Chop Arm Chop Foreshank Riblets
Loin Chop Double Loin Chop Center Slice Frenched Hindshank
Sirloin Chop

Tender Cuts Of Lamb

Square Cut Shoulder Whole Saratoga Roast Boneless Shoulder Roast Crown Roast
Rib Roast Rib Chop Spareribs,Denver Ribs Loin Roast
Boneless Loin Strip Tenderloin Whole Leg Sirloin Off Short Cut Leg
Shank Portion Roast Center Leg Roast American-Style Roast Frenched-Style Leg Roast
Boneless Leg Roast Boneless Sirloin Roast Top Round
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