Pork ~ Sous Vide Guide


Pork. The other white meat. Pork sous vide is an excellent way to avoid drying out the meat. This year the USDA lowered the minimal cooking temperature from 160ºF to 145ºF. The great thing about sous vide is that we can even go lower and still sufficiently pasteurize any cut of pork.

Fatty Cuts Of Pork

Leg Cutlet Top Leg Roast Blade Roast Boston Butt
Boneless Blade Roast Blade Steak Boneless Arm Picnic Roast Spareribs
Pork Belly

Lean Cuts Of Pork

Blade Chop Rib Chop Top Loin Chop Loin Chop
Sirloin Chop Sirloin Cutlet Pork Cutlet Butterfly Chop
Country-Style Ribs Tenderloin Back Ribs Center Rib Roast
Blade Roast Boneless Blade Roast Top Loin Roast Sirloin Roast
Crown Roast Center Loin Roast Boneless Sirloin Roast
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